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Holy crap, you guys! That was fast. We’ve already hit our far-too-modest-in-hindsight funding goal over at IndieGoGo. But why stop there? The campaign’s open until March 3rd, so let’s keep those donations rolling in! The more money we get, the better our new episodes will be for you. So tell your friends!

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New Episodes Coming. And YOU Can Help!

We’re hard at work getting all new episodes of Co-op of the Damned ready, and we need your help! We’ve launched a campaign over at IndieGoGo to drum up a relatively modest amount of money to help keep our cast and crew in Red Vines and KFC Double-Downs.

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If you like what we’re doing, consider sending over a dollar, two, ten, whatever is comfortable. We’ll be eternally grateful!

Episode 4

The last of our four debut installments is here! Enjoy:

Episode 3

It’s time for the latest from CO-OP OF THE DAMNED — and just in time for SAW 3D!

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Episode 2

Time for another brand new episode! This time, it’s getting bloody. Hide your chickens.

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Episode 1 is here!

Feast your eyes, at long last, on the very first episode of CO-OP OF THE DAMNED:

Also, it you’re in L.A., don’t forget about our big premiere party tomorrow night!


The premiere of CO-OP OF THE DAMNED is just days away, and now we’ve got some fun little promo items! Namely, this massive bag of 1-inch buttons emblazoned with the series’ title:

We’ll be handing them out at the big premiere Tuesday at El Cid. If you’re in L.A., be there! And grab a button! More info here.

The first 500

Look at that! With the official trailer online for just a week, our trusty Twitter account has racked up its first 500 followers. Thanks to everyone who’s tagging along! In honor of this momentous occasion, we’re giving you something silly (and slightly outdated):

Enjoy! Feel free to grab it, post it, spread it around. (If you’re scratching your head, the image will make more sense once Episode 2 is out.)

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The Official Trailer is here!

It has arrived! With the Oct. 4 premiere date fast approaching, us folks here at CO-OP OF THE DAMNED thought you might like a little taste of what’s to come. So, here it is, our official trailer:

Watch it! Watch it again! Pass it along to your friends! Embed it on your site! Go nuts!

(in case you can’t tell, we’re a little excited here.)

More to come! And if you have any questions, reach out to us at

Fun with Out-of-Context Audio!

Post-production for CO-OP OF THE DAMNED is off and running, so here’s an update from writer/director Ned Ehrbar on the editing process — with some disturbingly suggestive audio from the shoot.